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Commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead


Commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead
Commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead

Perhaps you want to move from the hustle and bustle of the city, away from the rush and into the hush of rural living. Every year thousands of people make this choice, to leave the convenience of urban life and to embrace a simpler, more sustainable way of existing.

A way of life where nature meets necessity and the sound of owls hooting replaces car horns and sirens. A place where food is fresh, air is clean and tranquility resounds. Where your hands stay dirty but your heart is happy. Many call this practice homesteading.

There was a time in history when homesteading was all that existed. The family farm was a way of life for the majority of people. Today, there is a subtle, yet increasing, move back towards a simpler way of being. A style of life that reduces stress and enjoys all that the land has to offer. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead

A couple Benefits of homesteading:

  • Less stressful living – homesteads offers a peaceful and calm way of living potentially reducing stress levels compared to urban places.
  • Pride in provision
  • Security – many homestead owners claim that they feel more protected in their homestead than in another place.
  • Bonding – while living in a homestead the families tend to create stronger bonds.
  • Better physical health – people living in homesteads claim that they feel more healthy due to the physical labor they do and the interaction they have with the environment and nature.
  • Learn new skills – people who live at homesteads often learn new skills during their activities.

Starting a homestead its, not an easy labor, it becomes more challenging especially when you are not prepared for what might come. But sometimes, you might learn some lessons through the challenges in your daily life at a homestead, and starting a homestead will commonly offer you moments to grow as a person and as a family in the case that you already have a family when starting a homestead. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead




Commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead

Some tips from veteran homestead owners.

Before starting a homestead:

As the case may be you are in the market for a homestead. There are some things you must remember before starting a homestead, in order to be ready for your new style of life and the new challenges that might come. Commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead



Is this really something you want to do? It’s very important not to look at the “romantic” notion of owning a homestead. It requires a lot of work and not everyone is able to put that much effort. Don’t discourage, if you find that it is not really the way of living you desire. If you only want to have some chickens and a garden and be more eco-friendly, that can still be achieved even if you live in an urban or semi-rural setting. It is also important that your partner agrees on the kind of lifestyle you are looking for. There is nothing worse than buying a homestead only to realize that it is no the lifestyle your partner is looking for. Be sure you have lots of open and honest discussions going any further into the homestead lifestyle. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead

  • Do your research: So many people make the same mistake by thinking that carrying a self-sustainable lifestyle it is an easy task. Making a research before jumping into the journey of building a homestead will help you maintain your focus on the idea of living in a homestead and prepare for what comes next. If you know of people that homestead, try to spend some time with them and ask them on how to start and if they can help you make a checklist for when you are ready to start your own homestead. Read books, watch documentaries and gather as much knowledge as you can before diving in. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead
  • Define your goals: Try to keep in mind what do you want to accomplish in your homestead and focus on it. For instance, how sustainable do you want to be? Do you want to raise animals at your homestead? have gardens, fruit, chickens, live off-grid, on the grid.Once you get a good perspective of what kind of homestead you are looking for, it will help you set your goals and what you really want to achieve. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead
  • Location: It is a good idea to know where you want to live, at least, a general area. Do you want to be super remote or just a little outside of town?
  • Don’t blow the bank: When considering building a homestead, don’t go and spend all your money. If you use all of your savings to purchase your home and land, you

commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead

  • won’t be able to create a self-sustaining system when you build your homestead. Always aim at the side of spending less, not more.
  • Think about generating income: The majority of people who choose a building or acquiring a homestead for living come from the city running away from all the stress and looking for a more rewarding lifestyle. Before you seal the deal on some property, think about how will you be able to generate income using your own land and homestead. Some ideas include starting a lavender farm, raising livestock, selling milk-based products, spinning wool and confectioning clothing, selling fresh organic products etc…commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead


  • Know the land: when you look for a land where you might be able to build a homestead you might  know what kind of land you are going to work on and if it fits your necessities to accomplish your goals.


If your plan is growing some crops on your land you should take some soil samples. This can give you some information about the ground properties and if it’s fertile or not, you maybe will be in the necessity of adding augment to the soil to make it fertile, and this will help you know what kind of crops are suitable for the land.


If you plan to raise livestock and generate income out of it, you must consider on what you want to grow, something like chickens, cows, goats or pigs, if not all, try to choose a land with plenty of space for a food shelter and some pasture fields.

Land quality:

Also, keep your eye out for things like natural windbreaks, flooding, accessibility to water for livestock, slopes, drainage etc.  


If the property you are searching for doesn’t have bodies of natural water you might need to make one or drill a well in order to supply your livestock, crops, and you as well.commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead



If you have in mind owning a raw land you need to check if the property has an easy access to it, how does it manages in winter and rainy seasons, how can you maintain it, these are all questions to keep in mind when building in a raw land, try to make a checklist out of it and verify everything before taking actions. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead


Practice simplicity: Many people who embrace homesteading would acknowledge that they practice simplicity. However, it is sometimes hard when you are first starting out to know exactly what that looks like. This is especially true if you are coming from an affluent urban lifestyle. If you are moving to a new homesteading property, begin to practice simplicity before you move. Simplicity looks a little different to each person to take some time to figure out what this means to you. For some, simplicity may mean living off-grid with a composting toilet while to others simplicity may mean being thirty minutes from the store versus five minutes. Whatever simplicity means to you, practice it before you move to your homestead. Remember that the whole idea of homesteading is about having more time to enjoy life – this often means less money and the fact that you provide for your needs yourself rather than being dependent on others. Living in a simple matter means living with a small footprint, reducing expenses and possessions and reducing consumption. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead


  • Consider a fixer-upper: You can always start out small and add-on. If you are handy and can get a good deal on a property that you can fix up without much expense and a lot of sweat equity, that is ok too as long as you have plenty of time. commercial building inspection checklist free Miami Homestead


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