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Miami Homestead inspection at the lowest cost

You see our inspectors arent just there looking around with a flashilight. We leave no stone unturned when expertly inspecting you future home. From the roof and attic space, to inspecting the under floor crawlspaces and all areas in between. When some inspection companies will exclude these areas, we feel these are the most important. 

We utilize expensive thermal imaging (IR) cameras to scan every home and are able to see what the naked eye can not. This technology reads differences in surface temperatures in the building materials that might indicate roof and moisture leaks, pest infestation, overheating electrical circuits just to name a few this can save you money at the lowest cost. The bottom line is, this technology has saved our clients thousands of dollars in un seen or hidden repairs. We use these cameras on every inspection to protect our clients. 

 Home inspection Miami should plan on being there and your agent should be right there with you the entire time. Chances are the seller’s agent will be there, too to help get any quick answers the inspector might need. Block off the entire morning or afternoon. Home inspections take time and you don’t want to rush through it. During this time, follow along as much as you can. You don’t have to follow the inspector into the crawlspace – they bring protective clothing just for that – but any place reasonably accessible,  Home inspection Miami  go too.

You aren’t a pest. (That’s a different inspection altogether. If you have any reason for concern, hire an additional pest inspection.) You’re a student. Inspectors will explain your home’s systems and give you maintenance tips. Those should also be in the final report, along with pictures. Home inspection Miami  But hearing and seeing it in person is helpful. The day of inspection will probably feel like a whirlwind of activity. You may be a little nervous about what the inspector will find. Home inspection Miami

Home inspection Miami

Home inspection Miami

 Home inspection Miami start preparing for a professional inspection when you initially tour the home, before making an offer. This will give you an idea if there are any areas you want the inspector to pay special attention to. A good inspector will address these issues in the report you pay for. Home inspection Miami  Use this checklist to help figure out what to look for ahead of time and in the final report for the lowest cost . If any of these items aren’t covered in the inspection report, ask why not.

Foundation: Look at the base of the walls and the ceilings in each room. Are there obvious cracks or apparent shifts in the foundation? Do the same around the outside. Are there any trees encroaching on the foundation?

Lot: Does the drainage appear to be away from the house? Are there any obvious soggy areas?

Roof: What is the overall condition? When was it last replaced?

Exterior: Does the house look like it will need repairs or repainting soon? Are gutters and downspouts firmly attached? inspection Are there loose boards or dangling wires? Is there asbestos in the exterior material, which would require added costs if it needed to be repaired or replaced?

Attic: How does the interior of the roof structure look? Are there any signs of leaks?

Interior evidence of leaks: Check ceilings and around windows in each room.

Basement: Is there dampness? Adequate insulation? (If there’s a crawl space instead of a basement, you might want to leave this for the professional home inspection.)

Electrical: Do the switches work? Are there any obvious malfunctions? Have the outlets been grounded? Is the panel updated and expandable for additional appliances or a potential remodel?

Plumbing: Any unusual noises or malfunctions? Has the sewer line been scoped to check for potential cracks?

Appliances: If these are included, what is the age and condition of the stove, dishwasher or refrigerator?

Heating/cooling system: Does it seem to do the job? How old is the furnace? If the system has been converted, are the old systems or tanks still in place?

Odor: Does the home smell? Can you detect what it might be and whether it could be fixed? inspection Beware of musty odors which could signal a wet basement.

In addition to your own eyes, ears and nose,  Home inspection Miami  get a seller’s disclosure statement before your inspection. Use the statement to help you pinpoint anything you want your inspector to look at inspection . If they inspection disclosed that they had a leaky window replaced or repaired, make sure that gets some extra attention from your inspector or that could raise your costs.

Home inspection Miami  Disclosure requirements vary by state and sometimes local jurisdictions, so ask your real estate agent if you have any questions about what is included. Home inspection Miami Disclosure typically comes in the form of boilerplate documents with a series of yes/no questions for the seller to detail their home and their experience there.

One thing to look for is whether any unpermitted work has been done. If so, you could be on the hook for bringing the house up to code should you ever remodel. inspection Even if that’s not even remotely on your inspection radar, Home inspection Miami unpermitted work needs to be carefully inspected, particularly electrical and plumbing work. Home inspection Miami.

What happens if your inspection comes back clean but you find problems after you move in? It depends on Home inspection Miami. First, the inspection will only cover things they can see Home inspection Miami. They aren’t tearing out walls and don’t have x-ray vision so problems that are truly hidden aren’t really their fault. Home inspection Miami  (Unless they missed what should have been obvious signs of a potential hidden problem.) Home inspection Miami.

Look carefully at your contract. Will they pay for repairs of things they should have caught but didn’t? Or will they only refund your inspection fee? The bottom line is that you may end up taking them to court if it’s a big enough deal that cost you money. Miami So a leaky faucet? That’s just the joy of home ownership inspection. Home inspection Miami A structural failure that leads to the home being condemned? Probably worth talking with a lawyer. But  Home inspection Miami  also understand that things happen. This is part of being a homeowner. An inspector inspection can’t forecast the future. Sometimes stuff happens. Home inspection Miami should hire a licensed,  inspection Miami to conduct a thorough inspection. How do you choose one? Along with agents, lenders and other home pros, Zillow has lists of inspectors with reviews. You can use the Agent inspection Finder tool to find all kinds of real estate pros, Home inspection Miami  including inspectors. Get recommendations, inspection their online reviews and study their websites. Get a sample inspection report to make sure what they will produce is thorough. Your agent probably has suggestions but you don’t need to use them Home inspection Miami.