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The greater the investment, the greater the risk. Starting from this premise, when one invests in a luxury property one must make sure that one knows the defects or virtues well before making his purchase.

If you are a potential buyer or owner of a current luxury home, we can offer you an excellent inspection of your home in South Florida.

Material defects can significantly affect the value, convenience or safety of your home, so it is important that you are fully informed about these problems.


In the inspection we will verify

The exterior of your property: building exteriors, roof, etc.

The interior of your property: interiors of the building, doors, windows, chimneys, the base, the isolation, the basement, the attic, etc.

The various systems of your property: electricity, plumbing, heating, central cooling, ventilation, etc.

Our inspectors will attend your appointment at the scheduled time, without delays, or excuses, they will be dressed for the occasion and they will also give a kind and professional treatment to all those involved in the sale process.

Our reports are available within 24 hours of your inspection. We provide a detailed report, which includes digital photos, so you can fully understand the risks and benefits of your investment.