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  1. You are finally buying a brand new home. It was just built and everything about it is new and clean and perfect. You shouldn’t have any problems with it for some time. Right?


The lack of quality in many of today’s homes is horrendous. Mistakes and oversights are common in new home construction, even with the best of builders. A new house is built and assembled by dozens of individual workers and groups of specialists like framers, electricians, plumbers and roofers. Frequently, a builder may be constructing several houses simultaneously, and crews float from house to house to perform their specialty. Sometimes, things get out of sequence, or are overlooked, forgotten, or not checked by the builder for quality assurance.

On a new construction inspection, the inspector will review all of the major structural components, finish work, and systems of a newly-constructed house to ensure nothing was overlooked, and that industry standard materials and workmanship were employed throughout.

All visible defects in materials and workmanship will be noted in a written report and provided to you for presentation to your builder. This inspection is essential in providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. A New Construction Inspection will check the house for the commonly made mistakes that can turn your brand new home into a nightmare. Most new homeowners are amazed with our findings and will tell their neighbors about this service.

Hiring a private inspector to have a well trained professional look over your largest investment is a wise decision and will help prevent the possibility of future costly repairs.