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If you’re not sure of the overall state of any commercial property in Florida, we urge you to enlist our professional commercial inspection services before you make any decision.

Quality Home Inspections Inc. performs comprehensive commercial inspections. We inspect every major system from roof, plumbing systems, electrical systems, structure components, insulation & ventilation, HVAC systems and even air quality. In short, we make a thorough evaluation of commercial property with the aim of limiting the costs and enhancing the safety and overall value as well.  We focus on the condition of the property and look for structural or safety issues that may affect operations within the building you want to buy or sell. You can count on our commercial inspector to provide you the kind of knowledge that will help you maximize your return on property investments.

All commercial inspections are done by experienced and licensed inspectors.  Once we conduct our investigations, we will submit a detailed inspection report which includes comprehensive digital images and professional recommendations. Our desire is to help businesses and building owners to comply with building codes and to uphold the highest standards of structural integrity and safety of building systems. After the evaluation, you will be in a good position to make a prudent decision on whether to buy or sell a property.

Our inspectors will also look out for inadequate engineering designs, dilapidated or aged equipment, faulty systems, poor workmanship, unusual wear, environmental hazards and non-compliance with building regulations. Once we complete the inspection, we will write and submit a summary report of the findings in detail plus any concerns and estimated costs of undertaking repairs and replacements. Our goal is to ensure that every commercial client is aware of the risks and level of exposure before they invest in or sell commercial property.


Need Commercial Inspection?

to request a free estimate or to talk to our inspectors. They will answer all your questions and advise you accordingly. We’re available for emergency inspections, same-day inspections, and weekend visits. All our home inspectors are qualified and licensed to carry out inspections in the State of Florida.